I like to romanticise the thought that necessary limitation is a good thing – that the general effort of spending hours in used record stores thumbing unknown titles amid the endless Kamahl records and rock reissues is always going to be fruitful and rewarding, regardless of whether one finds that dusty groove or discount delight.

Crate digging (and, to a much lesser extent, its online equivalent) emphasises the pleasure of work, the pleasure of patience, the pleasure of commitment and the pleasure of unpredictability. There is, in fact, an associated labour with this pleasure; a pleasure that is then passed on from DJ to audience. It’s the quintessential labour of love principle.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that DJs are working; that they have a job, that many of them spend countless hours listening to records. That they reveal themselves and their character as much through the nuance of their music selections. That there is a necessary social exchange between performer and audience in shared experience.

Digital radio is one avenue which, above many others, ensures this expression and exchange is endlessly accessible. Largely free and often community-based, the distinctly romantic and intimate appeal of radio is, for the most part, not lost, and I’ve selected a handful of local programs below that come highly recommended.

Sunsetwith Simon Caldwell(FBi Radio)

Simon Caldwell is an old head with a young heart. A highly respected DJ, perennial workhorse and resonant industry voice, his Monday Sunset session has one hand firmly pressed to the modern pulse while the other pays homage to his rich and varied influences.

Pure Space with Andy Garvey(FBi Radio)[pictured above]

There’s something a little bit exciting about themed radio shows. Do you ever really know what you’re going to get? Andy’s cosmic bent is an underlying mood for her ever-enlightening traversal through the wider palette of house and techno. Aside from her exceptional taste, she’s behind the FBi Dance Class program, providing a comprehensive mentoring platform for young, aspiring female DJs.

Anything onBondi Beach Radio

BBR is an essential outlet for Sydney-based and Australian DJs. Its four residents are instrumental in establishing a program packed with regular weekly shows and special guests live and direct from studios in Bondi and Kings Cross.

Smoke And Mirrorswith CC:Disco!(PBS FM)

CC:Disco! has featured a slew of impressive local and international guests on her program – Greg Wilson, Horse Meat Disco, Frank & Tony and Harvey Sutherland among them – throwing down two hours of funky goodness every Friday night. It’s ever-reliable for that feel-good boogie fix.

This week’s playlist:

Prince Of Denmark’s sprawling and immersive cerebral dancefloor epic 8. It’s a dubby, dancey monolith. Also, revisit the back catalogue of Glasgow house legend DJ Q, who rather unfortunately now shares a name with a popular grime/bassline producer. While many might know him for his unforgettable ‘We Are One’ from the early ’90s, releases on the Filter label reflect his refined ability for sampling.



Andy Garvey @Goodbar


Answer CodeRequest @The Bunk3r


Front Left 0.5: Minimalism @Inner West warehouse location TBA


Terry Farley @Ivy


Boys Noize @Metro Theatre


Prince – A Tribute by Late Nite Tuff Guy @Metro Theatre

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