So new to the cafe scene that they aren’t even on Google Maps yet, Bruce Tea & Coffee is Glebe’s latest offering for Sydney’s burgeoning coffee connoisseurs.

The owners, Tony Sleiman and George Pahali, left the corporate world of offices and suits for a taste of the cafe game, citing a passion for educating themselves about coffee, and wanting to share that passion with their customers.

Now, as they educate the masses one espresso at a time, Tony and George are treating guests with the soothing sounds of Louis Armstrong and the wafting aroma of caffeine.

When I enter, Armstrong’s ‘When You’re Smiling’ is playing in the background and an array of Star Wars mags are ready to read on my table. The décor is a mix of exposed brick walls and wooden benches, perfectly nailing the warehouse-chic vibe. I am told that there was no specific inspiration, but there was a strong focus on simplicity while still avoiding monotony.

Bruce Tea2

Tony explains that Bruce Tea & Coffee uses a variety of roasters from across the country. At the moment, beans are sourced from Mecca, Pablo & Rusty’s, Proud Mary, Small Batch and Stitch. They brew single origin beans only, as opposed to blends, to try to showcase the variety of flavours and differences between origins. On the tea front, they have a heavy focus on single estate teas, mostly sourced directly from the estates in China.

We order two coffees; a cappuccino for me (the barista says they do not add chocolate to their cappuccino, so as not to overpower the flavours of the coffee) and an espresso for my friend. To accompany the coffees, there’s a tasty selection of baked goods; we choose one of the lamingtons – which my English friend, not having seen one before, says resembles the Borg cube – and a deliciously chewy seeded bagel, cut through with feta and ricotta.

Bruce Tea3

The baked goods, like the coffees, are sourced from a variety of places – at the moment, they’re coming from Brickfields, The Bread & Butter Project and Infinity.

An appropriate question here would be whether Tony and George plan to broaden their food and drinks menu. They don’t. In fact, the initial plan was to find out if less really is more, and in the case of Bruce Tea & Coffee, a minimal menu with friendly service is in high demand.







FindBruce Tea & Coffee at 12 Bridge Rd, Glebe. For more, check out their facebook page.

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