The Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies has shared more about the birth of her newborn twins on her podcast today – except their genders and names.

We’ve come to learn a lot about Jackie and rocker husband Ben through their appearance on the reality TV show, but she’s sharing even more on her new podcast, Shine It Up with Jackie Gillies.

In the latest episode, recorded from her hospital bed, Jackie recaps episode two of season five of RHOM, which aired on Sunday night.

She also goes into detail about the birth of the couple’s newborn twins, born on Friday via caesarean.

“This is the most exciting episode I will ever record, I’m so excited to share that… I’m a mum!” Jackie says in the show’s notes.

Sunday night’s episode of RHOM showed Jackie revealing to Ben that she was pregnant with twins, after a “bumpy” IVF journey shared candidly with her social media followers.

She discusses this moment on the podcast recap, describing “a moment of excitement but still having fear and doubt that everything will work out the way it should,” after previously miscarrying.

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When it came time for the twins’ planned birth, Jackie admits to anxiety and apprehension.

“I take my hats off for all the women out there that were so calm, cool and collected, because this chicken wasn’t,” she says.

“Me? Calm cool collected was out the damn window, man. I was thinking about my old-school life, I was grieving that. I was thinking can I give them back? This was before I even had them.”

Being married to the drummer of Silverchair, of course Jackie had a credible playlist for delivery.

It included RnB, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Chaka Khan, David Bowie, ‘Doctor Pressure’, ‘Return of the Mack’ and, of course, some Ben Gillies tracks.

Jackie also references taking a moment after the birth to ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ – one of hubby Ben’s song titles.

“It’s still a head spin, man. I’m still sitting here going, this is really happening,” she says.

“I have two babies that I now have to look after for the rest of my life, which I’m so excited about… but I’m still freaking out about! But it is the most joyous love I’ve ever felt.”

The babies’ genders will be revealed on a future episode of RHOM, and their names will be revealed on a future episode of Jackie’s podcast – but as of day three, only one of them actually had a name.

It’s an entertaining listen, though.

“What about when your baby first does a shit, and it’s all black and tarry?” she laughs in the latest episode.

Ben was so good, he got in there and changed that nappy like a true champion. Ben is the winner of the father award.”

Listen to ‘Shine It Up with Jackie Gillies’: