With Riders Republic only a few weeks away, we look into why the game’s chaotic multiplayer playground could become a huge hit.

Wind rushes past your head as you speed down Grand Teton – one of the highest mountains in the United States. Your bicycle can barely stay on the ground but you keep peddling all the same. All of a sudden the track stops, and before you know it you’re sky-high. But while that would ordinarily be cause for concern, today it’s just another day in the office, as a handy wingsuit suddenly deploys, allowing you to navigate the air with ease.

It’s this level of thrill that Ubisoft hopes to offer gamers with Riders Republic – a massive multiplayer playground for sports lovers and action junkies alike. If a recent presentation we were privy to is any indication, you’re going to need a lie down once you’re done.

The multi-sport event we were describing earlier is what the devs are touting ‘Mass Races’. According to the team, the focus of these Mass Races is not actually winning. It’s pure mayhem.

With up to 64 players competing at one time, we can’t imagine it going any other way, but we were rather impressed by how seamlessly the sports switch from one another and look like they’ll be an absolute laugh with a group of friends by your side.

If you prefer one sport at a time, you can do that as well with five extreme sports in total. There’s biking, skiing, snowboarding, wingsuit flying and rocket wingsuiting. Each will have their own events to try out across the various locations like Bryce Canyon and Yosemite Valley, so pick your favourite or try them all.

But at its core Riders Republic is trying to build a social experience that keeps you coming back for more. Whether you choose to race your heart out, perform tricks to the hand-crafted portions of the game world or simply bum around with friends in a giraffe costume – that’s totally your call. There’s no rules on how to spend your time in Riders Republic and perhaps that is one of its biggest selling points.

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The team is also committed to keep you around for the long haul, with an extensive first year content plan that includes live events, weekly challenges and even the introduction of more multiplayer modes like a player-vs-player ‘Showdown’ match. We were promised Showdown will amp up the mayhem as teams of six race to collect more gems than the other player. Team-based mayhem? Ubisoft really knows the way to our heart.

Fingers crossed Riders Republic lives up to the hype, but we’ll know for sure when the full game hits PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, XBO and PC on Thursday October 28. You can currently order it via Amazon.

Stay tuned for our final verdict.

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