Oh Rihanna, you great ally. The singer has been championing diversity and inclusiveness ever since launching her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty back in 2018 and that’s continued judging by a Twitter post that’s gone viral.

In a post shared by user Kim Kelly (it has over 20,000 likes and counting), the star has been praised for hiring models for her brand with limb differences.

“Obviously representation only goes so far, but when your disability is on the rare side and you’re used to never seeing anyone else who looks like you, stuff like this feels really nice. Thanks for hiring models with limb differences, @rihanna,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

The stunning model in question, Lyric Mariah, was also praised by Kelly, saying “Thank you for your work here @phenixsoul_, you look powerful and beautiful and it means a lot.” Lyric got plenty of love elsewhere online as well, retweeting lots of praise directed at the shoot and Rihanna.

Social media came together in agreement at the positive move. “Love this. My kid has a limb difference and his eyes absolutely light up when he sees someone with a limb difference,” wrote one user. “People always said I should be a model but my internalised shame about my hands held me back. Never seen anyone with hands similar to mine before. I wish young me could have seen this,” said another.

And when someone asked if models over the age of 60 could also be included, another user was quick to point out that yes, Ri Ri has got that covered too!

We can only hope more follow brands follow this example of inclusivity. Now if only Rihanna would finally release some new music too, there’d simply be no stopping her.

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Check out Rihanna dancing at the Savage x Fenty Show opening last year: