Robert Pattinson was recently seen with a prominent figure of the NFT community apparently discussing their collections of NFTs, and Twitter has a few things to say about it.

NFTs are pretty controversial in the online community, with a significant criticism being the impact on environmental welfare.

The Brag Media has even dipped its toes in the NFT world, collaborating with Tones And I on a Rolling Stone Australia NFT collection, which saw some significant success.

Robert Pattinson, star of Matt Reeves’ The Batman (and upcoming sequel), recently met with Refik Anadol, the owner and operator of Refik Anadol Studio and RAS LAB, who is also known for his creating and selling of NFTs.

“Had an incredible studio visit bt Robert Pattinson! We talked about our data/AI driven NFT collections, DATALAND and his amazing ideas for the space! Super excited to share more about what we discussed.” Anadol tweeted over the weekend.

From the sounds of the tweet, it appears that there may be a collaboration between Pattinson and RAS which fans may be seeing in the coming months.

Twitter, however, has a firm opinion about NFTs and gave their own thoughts about the situation.

“Someone needs to tell him what harm NFTS actually do because I don’t think he’s fully aware,” wrote one fan.

Others have said they don’t trust celebrities to understand the consequesnces of NFTs.

Others have quoted a specific scene in The Batman where Paul Dano’s Riddler is disgusted with Pattinson’s character’s thoughts. The backstory for this scene is that the Riddler feels like Batman has betrayed him and doesn’t understand his thoughts, which seems to be how some Twitter users are feeling.

Others, however, are very onboard with the potential of this collaboration between the two bodies.

“Super excited to learn more about what you discussed,” a fan wrote.

“NFTs are paving a new way for our generation in terms of art and spectacle,” another wrote.

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