Roll’d has launched an entirely new line of pantry items from sauces and noodles and rice paper rolls so you can cook your favourites at home.

Just in time for yet another Melbourne lockdown, Roll’d has brought us a little gift – an entire line of items for your pantry that will help you cook your favourite Vietnamese dishes right in the comfort of your own home.

Roll’d is pretty famous for their Vietnamese Soldiers, and with their new pantry items, you can whip some up at home, yourself, and fill them to the brim with whatever you fancy. First off, they’ve unleashed their very own rice paper to hold your soldiers together. Then, they’ve brought out their rice vermicelli noodles so you can chuck in plenty of goodness.

The next choices for your at-home soldiers are up to you. Pick and choose your meat, plant based proteins, veggies, or cheeky extra noodles, and then we’ll get onto sauces of which Roll’d has unveiled four scrummy ones.

From sticky hoisin and spicy hoisin packing punches of peanut flavour to a creamy chilli mayo, your soldiers are well on their way to being absolutely delicious. Keen for something a bit more traditional? They’ve even released Mama Hoang’s Nước Mắm, which gives off a bit of a fishy, sweet, and spicy combo.

Worried that you’re not quite up to the talent it takes to roll your own Vietnamese soldiers? Luckily, Roll’d has thought of this, and they’ve even come up with mess-free rice paper rolling trays so you can wrap like a pro.

Keen to get to cooking? You can pick up these pantry staples from your local Coles, or pop into Roll’d and they’ll have them too. Ready to cook some Vietnamese at home? If you’re anything like me (and a bit lazy), you can also buy them just so you can slather your takeaway Roll’d in heaps of sauces, and toss in some extra noodles.

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