Rolling Stone is counting down the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time list, and they want your opinion.

This year, more than ever, have we had time to reflect and appreciate the sheer magic of movies. This poll looks not to the critics of the film world, but to you, the people. If you’ve been waiting to let your opinion rip, now’s your time.

Whether you find the old-timey romance of David Lean films irresistible, the grime and grit of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver to be satisfyingly hopeless, or if the twisted, strange and unfamiliar world of Lynch’s Mulholland Drive projects you to an alternative reality that you want to be fixated in forever — we want to know.

The poll is powered by AHEDA, the Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association. Voting for the upcoming list is officially open and will run until Friday, October 30th, with readers able to vote for three movies they deem to be the greatest of all time and one bonus “wildcard” movie.

The wildcard option allows readers to share their ultimate guilty-pleasure movie that wouldn’t usually make a list such as this. I personally reject the concept of “guilty pleasures” and believe in the divine power of liking things earnestly and passionately. But I’d take this wildcard option and perhaps put forward a movie that may be overlooked like the 1993 adaptation of The Secret Garden or 1994’s Little Women.

Vote for your favourite wildcard movie, along with 25 words or less as to why you chose that particular film, and you’re in the running with a chance to win a Sony 65-inch 4K TV and 4K UHD Blu-ray player worth $2000.

The full countdown begins on November 2nd, so take a look back into your 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD, or VHS collections, cast your mind back to those seminal movie moments, and pick out some of the greatest films of all time, because voting is now officially open.

To vote on the Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Movies of All Time Poll head here