Roxy Jacenko has defended her decision to allow her daughter Pixie to broadcast her life to the world on social media.

Pixie, who is the daughter of PR maven and reality star Roxy Jacenko, is 11 years old and has 121,000 followers on Instagram. Speaking about Pixie’s social media fame, Roxy told The Project hosts that she’s received plenty of flack over the exposure.

“We are in a digital world now, and everyone’s fast to critique parenting on what you do or don’t do it,” she said.

“All of her (Pixie’s) friends are on Instagram, I’m happy for her to do it within reason,” she said. “I take on board the dangers involved, and I’m mindful she doesn’t cross the line in terms of what she puts out there.”

Roxy orignally launched Pixie’s Instagram account when she was just two years old. Shortly after it was created, Instagram shut it down for violating the photo-sharing app’s age restrictions. However, Roxy wrote to Instagram and explained that she was running the account, and it was reinstated.

Roxy said on The Project that she works with Pixie to decide what content is posted on her daughter’s account.

“I’ve been very collaborative with her,” she said.

“An 11-year-old has opinions far stronger than a 42-year-old. I’m happy for her to have input. If she doesn’t like a picture, we don’t put it on there.”

During the segment, Roxy was asked by Rachel Corbett if she still believes starting the account for Pixie at such a young age was a good idea.

“If you were starting things from scratch now, do you think you’d make the same decision and post Pixie so much online?” Rachel asked.

“Rach, you know what I’m like!” Roxy laughed.

She added, “For me, we’ve built a business out of it. It is a business for us. As long as you are smart about it, it isn’t such a big thing.”

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