RSPCA are running a massive ‘Clear The Shelters’ drive this weekend, with $29 adoptions across the country.

We’re not just talking boring, adorable puppies, either. There are kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, pigs, ducks, and even a Shetland pony named Marigold, which is a very fine name for a Shetland indeed. All for $29!

“It’s all about finding forever homes for all our animals and giving that extra incentive for people looking for a new pet a good reason to adopt, instead of shopping through online platforms or backyard breeders,” explains RSPCA NSW Executive Manager Animal Care Services Brendon Neilly.

Anyone with concerns that the low price point will see people buy a duck, take a few duck-faced selfies while holding it, then quickly get bored, can take comfort in the fact that the return rate on pets doesn’t increase based on price.

“We have monitored adoption promotions carefully and the evidence shows that there is no higher return rate whatsoever, and no negative impacts for the animal’s welfare”, says Neilly. “The majority of people are already looking at adopting a pet, and this special adoption drive helps them make that decision to adopt, not shop.

“Our normal adoption prices rarely cover what it costs to prepare an animal for adoption, so $29 fees definitely don’t come close. However it’s all about getting animals out of shelters and into forever homes, and in that way it’s a huge success and a really worthwhile investment.”

Check out all the available animals here, and find out where you can adopt here.

Here’s our favourite little guy, here.