Reviewed on Tuesday September 14

WOB-WOB-WOB. UK duo Gorgon City brought their juicy, hypnotic sounds to the Enmore stage tonight at one of the best gigs I’ve been to this year. As a standard rule, usually any DnB or electronic artists emerging from the UK are bound to be incredible – sweeping generalisation, I know, but you do the math. These two gentlemen need to be seen live.

It’s obvious Gorgon City had one vision for the night, and they executed it divinely with a party-minded setlist, a sequence to die for and transitions to boot. They have a luscious sound that is constantly ear prickling, incorporating a bit of dub and some electronica to cook up a beautiful mixture of deep, sultry bass seasoned with the stimulation of sweet electro melodies. It was a perfect warm-up for the awesomeness of what came next – Rudimental.

Rudimental emerged from backstage to see a venue at capacity, a crowd swarming with pent-up energy and a mass of hands making love hearts. The set was thick with musicality, like deep reggae/dub inspired solos vibrating up the walls and through ears. The stage was packed with instruments and sweaty musicians in baseball caps; a picture straight out of a Sting and The Police gig.

Rudimental played every track on the album, the standouts obviously being ‘Feel The Love’, ‘Free’,‘Waiting All Night’and ‘Not Giving In’. They performed with so much energy, passion and vibrance; the Enmore was electric. Their technicality was outstanding – each one of them performed with overwhelming engagement, power and swag, in particular the drummer. That kid is a freak.

Watching the gig was better than listening to the album; in fact, I would listen to a live recording of the album more than the studio album if one existed. Rudimental are nuts. 10/10.


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