By now you may have caught wind of the folktale that is Scott Morrison shitting his pants at Engadine Maccas in 1997.

A quick recap goes as follows;

After Sco-Mo became our fearless, Cronulla Sharks supporting leader last year (outing Peter Dutton for top spot), rapper Joyride broke the news on Twitter that the PM had an accident in the hallowed halls of the golden arches some 22 years ago.

The urban legend spread around Twitter, with many threads springing up, trying to catch sent of the story.

Now, it seems like we might finally have some answers, with the PM allegedly referring to the incident in last night’s midwinter ball speech in Canberra.

The scoop? He’ll never reveal what happened, according to SMH journalist Latika Bourke – an answer that surely confirms what we all believe to be true.

It might be a classic case of a politician avoiding the issue, but silence speaks louder than words, so we’re gonna take it as cannon that Sco-Mo did indeed brown his dacks all those years ago.

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Journo Karen Middleton clarified further that the reason for the PM’s silence on the issue comes due to the mid-winter ball speech, typically a time for politicians to let loose is now officially on the record.

Other quips from the evening included jokes about the pacific (hopefully in better taste than Peter Dutton’s infamous yarn), and cheesy tech banter. Read some of the tweets from the evening here.

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