Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just provided one of the year’s most cringeworthy moments in Aussie politics, delivering a Borat impression in parliament.

Look, it’s no secret that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is basically ripe for parody. Why, even his ScoMo nickname is memetic, with plenty of his actions, speeches, or blunders becoming the next-biggest trend for roughly 24 hours.

However, many of these running jokes require at least some work on the part of the Aussie public. I mean, we aren’t living in the US Presidential era of George W. Bush, where gaffes and missteps were served up on a platter.

Now, it seems, old mate ScoMo is doing his best to cut out the middleman and turn himself into a walking, taking meme.

Earlier today, the Prime Minister appeared in parliamentary Question Time where he was found discussing the new Federal budget.

However, when discussing Labor’s climate policy and how business will be forced to buy credits from overseas, Morrison referenced Sacha Baron Cohen’s fictional character of Kazakhstani reporter Borat.

“They want carbon credits from Kazakhstan,” he exclaimed. “Some may call this a carbon tax, Mr Speaker. I call it the Borat Tax!”

Sadly, it didn’t end there, with ScoMo even dropping in his best Borat impression for some reason.

“I know what Borat would think of the Labor party’s policy on emissions reduction, Mr Speaker; ‘very nice!'”

Just in case you think we’re making this up, point your peepers downwards to check out what is undoubtedly set to become an iconic moment in Australian politics.

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