Have you ever wondered how the rich, famous, and elite find partners? Surely they couldn’t pull a Prince Frederik of Denmark and just head along to a bar, after all, they might meet someone like us there. Instead, there must be a way in which the world’s pretty people can only date people of similar attractiveness, and with competing levels of fame and wealth, right? Well, your gut feeling was correct, because apparently there’s an exclusive version of Tinder that’s been under our noses for quite a while now.

You might have heard rumours of it for quite some time now, but despite Tinder’s refusal to officially acknowledge its existence, Tinder Select is all but confirmed to be the exclusive version of the dating service, reserved only for the most desirable of singles.

AsĀ Business Insider describes it, Tinder Select is the app in which “celebrities, models, and millionaires” find their match.

Despite what many have claimed about the service, Tinder Select isn’t a seperate version of Tinder, but rather an opt-in version of sorts. See, the benefits of using Tinder Select include the fact that your profile is given a bit of added cachet – other users of the service can see that you’re a user of Tinder Select, and those who don’t use the service can’t find you.

Business Insider also notes that an added benefit of the service is the fact that you’re given access to far more matches and your profile is shown to far more potential matches. As they describe it, “It feels like some giant Cupid is sitting on your side of the scale.”

Obviously, the question that everyone wants to know the answer to is just how they find themselves able to use Tinder. Sadly, we can’t give you all the answers, but we can tell you some of the basics. Firstly, if you want to join, the easiest way is to be rich, famous, or look somewhat like a model. After all, the point of the service is to have only the cream of the crop; they don’t want any old Joe Bloggs using the service, users would flee in days otherwise.

Reportedly, your success on regular Tinder seems to help as well. ‘Top users’ are invited to the service, but what exactly makes you a ‘top user’ is unclear, though we’d hazard a guess and say it has something to do with the amount of likes and super likes that you get.

So what’s your other option? Well, thankfully, Tinder Select has an invite option for certain users. So, if you’re able to take a pretty decent selfie of yourself, maybe throw some airbrushing and Photoshop behind it, you might be able to hoodwink some of the social elite into throwing you an invite.

But there’s a catch though – only certain users on the service are given the ability to invite others, and if you are invited, you don’t get this privilege (presumably so your average punter doesn’t go flooding the service with all their footy and gym mates).

So if you reckon it’s about time you hooked yourself a big fish from within your small pond, then you might want to start hitting the gym and maybe looking up a few Photoshop guides – hopefully it might result in an invitation to the exclusive dating app. Otherwise, there’s still time to make your fortune and be considered wealthy enough to be able to join the service.

Whatever your situation is, this definitely answers the question of why we never see any celebrities on our normal versions of Tinder – they’re too busy rubbing shoulders with the other beautiful people in the world.

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