Alright, have a think back to the days of the ’90s. If your thoughts are suddenly filled with memories of grunge music and Macauley Culkin films, you’re on the right track, because what we’re aiming for is those recollections of days spent playing pixelated arcade games before heading home to watch reruns of Seinfeld. Now, you’re going to be able to combine the latter two thanks to an Aussie game developer who is putting together one heck of a passion project.

As IGN reports, Jacob Janerka is an Aussie indie game developer who, earlier this year, became known for his game Paradigm. Considering that the game was noted for its humour, art style, and nostalgic quality, who else would make a better person to tackle an era-correct Seinfeld point-and-click video game?

Yes, Janerka is currently in the process of putting together a game that is tentaively titled Seinfeld Adventure. It’s been in the works for close to two years now, but as Janerka’s Twitter feed shows, he’s getting closer and closer to reaching a finished project.

As his Twitter feed notes, “it’s a fun fan side project I do for funsies and learning,” of which he describes the creative process as “fun and relaxing”.

However, Jacob Janerka has now posted a brief compilation of the upcoming project onto Twitter, where users can see just what to expect when the finished project drops. From the sets, the character design, and even to the exterior transitional shots, Janerka has captured everything in that oh-so-’90s style so perfectly that it could easily pass for a lost relic of the time.

While he admits he’s still “waiting till I have a good idea for a premise for a short demo,” what we’re seeing is so amazing that it wouldn’t surprise us if Janerka ends up seeing some well-deserved fame out of this project.

Check out some of Seinfeld’s best bits:

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