Shaun King gets called out on Twitter for merch scam in which the product was never shipped and King ghosted fans.

A recent thread on Twitter detailed a potential merch scam from Shaun King in which the product he listed was never shipped and many of the lines for promoting the product when silent when the issue was brought up. The original poster stated that it had been eight months since Shaun King had launched his private clothing line that sold $165 hoodies and no updates have come since October.

The OP went on to add that the Instagram that was promoting the merch had been deleted and that the last existing comments were people saying their orders had never come.

“hello, it has been 8 months since shaun king launched a “private clothing line” that sold $165 hoodies, there hasn’t been an update since October, the entire instagram has been deleted and the last existing comments were people saying they still hadnt gotten their orders”

“lmaoo the website is still up and accepting purchases because of course he will still take your money”

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“lmao entire instagram/social media presence is scrubbed


“lmao i am so sorry, i think i just figured out he blocked me from his fraud tshirt acct too lmaoooooooo THERE STILL HAS NOT BEEN AN UPDATE SINCE LAST YEAR”

“lmaooo shaun king really blocked me on instagram on his main acct and all his scam side hustle accts, that’s so thorough”

“ok, if u got your shaun king shirt, please let me know, doing journalism”

“i really had to log into my finsta to get the update, im sick”

“my main vs finsta lmaoooo this is so funny the man said “you will not get a $165 hoodie from me””

“acct only follows 10 people and he said “block the bitch who talked about me on scam goddess” fair!”

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