Highly sought-after international brand SHEIN – which sends hundreds of thousands of clothing brands around the globe each day – is opening a pop up store in Sydney.

The new pop-up store opened this morning at 17 Oxford StPaddington until 6 pm today and will only be open from 10 am – 6 pm this Saturday and Sunday.

The temporary shop will be stocking a range of SHEIN’s spin-off brands, including Shein, Dazy, Motf, Emery Rose, Shein X, Glowmode, Luvlette, Romwe, Sheglam, Petsin, Evolushein will be the first-time that consumers are able to try the clothes on in Australia.

SHEIN sells clothing from as cheap as AUD $4, and is considering one the biggest fast fashion retailers in the world. Fast fashion is generally defined as low-priced, trend-driven clothing that’s produced in very high quantities and is only worn a few times. Its negative association is connected to its harmful environmental impact during production, and the amount of waste it creates when the clothes are “disposed” of.

Recently, Love Island UK runner-up Gemma Owen signed a deal with another fast fashion brand called Pretty Little Thing (often referred to as PLT) and came under fire for not partnering with a more sustainable brand.

And, it wasn’t only fans that shared their negative opinions over Owen’s partnership choice. Shortly after Owen’s new brand deal was announced, Greenpeace called Gemma out for partnering with the brand.

“So much for those reusable @LoveIsland water bottles… 👏 to another Love Island runner-up for becoming the newest 👸 of ☠️ plastic pollution. Read on to see why. @OfficialPLT is a major contributor to the climate crisis.” They wrote on Twitter.

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The Greenpeace UK account posted a follow up post just hours later, again tagging Gemma in it.

“Watch this @Greenpeace investigation from earlier this year into how fast fashion brands like @OfficialPLT are using the Global South as a dumping ground for textile waste. 👀 @gemowen_1 this is what being a face of Pretty Little Thing’s ☠️ plastic pollution represents.”

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