We live in an age where people can express their displeasure in a variety of ways. You can leave a scathing post on a company’s social media page, give them a one star review online, or simply call and berate someone who is an outsourced employee of your phone company.

But there are still traditionalists out there. People who write angry letters and then, still fuming, locate and travel to a post box to mail said letters. We have mad respect for those people.

What we have less respect for are those that send an angry letter smeared with literal shit. That’s exactly what’s been happening in Italy for the past two years. A couple consisting of a 71 year old retired police officer and his 51 year old partner had been sending these shitty letters to celebrities, politicians, football teams and pretty much anyone else who pissed them off. Not only that, but they seemed to have had an inventory of shit sitting around in their apartment, just waiting to be plucked off the shelves and used as if it were a vintage wine.

They were eventually arrested in Milan trying to post more. Maybe stick to the poo emojis on Facey.

Listen in at 11m49s below: