Ranging from three-day courses to ones that span across six months, Charles Darwin University makes gaining skills easy-as, resulting in you levelling up your employability.

With time not amounting to what it did when we were younger, it’s very important that things are kept quick and to the point. Charles Darwin University perfectly fits that ticket. Their short courses are tailored towards upping the skills list on your CV by honing in on what you need to focus on your career.

Leading in online learning, Charles Darwin University offers degrees with flexible study options ranging from full-time, part-time, and even the chance to switch between the two so you can keep on with your busy life at home, whether that’s raising a family, working full-time, or anything that keeps you on your toes.

Stacking up as the #2 university in Australia for graduate employment outcomes, Charles Darwin University also leads in online studies for nursing, healthcare, law, business, psychology, and social work, meaning that there’s an array of different career moves you can make without having to dedicate multiple years to studies that you don’t quite have.

So, whether you’re looking to enter a different field, or maybe apply for a job that you don’t quite have the qualifications for just yet, Charles Darwin University is here to show you that the path you desire isn’t only attainable, but that you can gain skills in a very short amount of time. With that, here’s five short courses that can level up your CV for employability.

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Lasting for the duration for a year if you’re intending to study part-time, or only six months if you’re keen for full-time, the Graduate Certificate of Nursing Studies is “an innovative course for registered nurses seeking a bespoke, tailored postgraduate qualification.”

Preparing students for a wide range of careers in the nursing field while building from your undergraduate nursing studies, this course not only is entirely online, but will further your skills in working in clinical practice, research, education, or management roles.

Leadership with Fire, Police, and Emergency Services

Available for part-time students for the duration of a year, the Graduate Certificate of Leadership (Police, Fire, and Emergency Services) prepares students “with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide effective and efficient leadership for managing all types of situations, from small-scale routine emergencies to complex catastrophic events.”

Creating a solid foundation for the world of emergency, you’ll develop leadership skills, learn how to be quick-footed during an emergency by thinking pragmatically, and gain applied skills that are needed to work in a public crisis.

Mental Health Services

With only 140 hours of studying for the Introduction to Mental Health Services course, you’ll be on a quick path to learning how to work with others, assess and promote social, emotional, and physical wellbeing, and learn about workplace health and safety.

Career opportunities to be had through the Mental Health Services course include community rehabilitation support worker, mental heath support worker, alcohol and other drug worker, and many more in the line of mental health support.

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Information Technology through Cyber Security

Offered as a part-time course for the duration for a year, the Graduate Certificate of Information Technology (Cyber Security) hones in on the skills needed for computer navigation while learning how to “specialise in cyber security in the modern world.”

By applying knowledge learnt through this course, you’ll be prepared to navigate with ease, and have the opportunity to “work alongside industry leaders,” with the skill sets from Charles Darwin University.

Sustainable Enterprise

Available for either part-time study for a year, or full-time study for only half the year, the Graduate Certificate of Sustainable Enterprise allows students “to develop your knowledge and understanding of sustainable business practices.”

Providing a pathway to the Master of Business Administration Sustainable Enterprise, this course will help you learn how to apply yourself through gaining knowledge on “how business can operate both profitably and in a manner that supports society, the economy and the environment.”

Applications are open for students starting in March of 2022. Apply to Charles Darwin University now!

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