In March, Snoop Dogg released a video clip for his single ‘Lavender’ in which he pulled a gun on a Trump impersonator dressed in clown makeup.

The video inspired both the thin-skinned Trump and his one-time nemesis, Little Marco Rubio, to response, with the latter saying at the time: “We’ve had Presidents assassinated before in this country, so anything like that is really something we should be very careful about […] Not sure what Snoop was thinking, he should think about that a little bit.”

Trump wrote the following:

It’s all quite amusing, and certainly puts the mid-’90s East coast/West coast rap battles to shame. Now, Snoop is back with a new album Make America Crip Again, and the title track certainly doesn’t pull any punches (lyrics lifted from Genius):

“The president say he wants to make America great again
Fuck that shit, we gon’ make America crip again cuz
As I look around I see so many millionaires
With skin like mine, don’t pretend that I’m
With that bullshit your president been tweeting
Them black boys is balling out, the whole block been eating
You punk pigs we calling out
I’ma line y’all on up
Then start my own league, I’ma sign y’all on up
I’m thinking who my heroes be, thank god for the negro league
Colin Kaepernick was black balled, hoe nigga please
This still America with three K’s, believe that shit.”

Despite the obvious target, Snoop claims the album title isn’t overtly political, saying, “It’s not a statement or a political act: it’s just good music. Certain people feel like we should make America ‘great again,’ but that time they’re referring to always takes me back to separation and segregation so I’d rather Make America Crip Again”.

Listen to the track below.