Have you ever been utterly disappointed in something you’ve eaten despite it being totally talked up on Instagram or somewhere else on social media?

I would consider myself one of the least pickiest eaters I know, but I’d also say that I’ve had a 50/50 experience of enjoying something that I’ve ordered purely because it looked amazing on my Insta feed.

With all of this time stuck on the bench and spent away from dining venues, I’m pining for it more than ever. I think back to all the delicious things I’ve eaten and also those times I regret everything.

In reality, ordering something that you’ve never had at a restaurant is always a gamble. And that’s part of the fun. But what about when you throw in all your chips on a dish because of Instagram?

In a world where social media dominates so many industries and facets of life, there’s no doubt that it’s come to play a huge part in the world of food and drink.

These days if a restaurant doesn’t have an aesthetic Instagram, they can forget it. But why? (Do we blame Influencer marketing for this?)

We’ve become so caught up on up to date social media that a dish that tastes better than it looks has become unworthy. Wholesome tasty food has been traded up for likes and reposts. And that’s pretty cooked.

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It’s especially worse these days, because eating out in restaurants definitely doesn’t come cheap. Particularly when it comes to getting breakfast. There’s no time to be wasting money on food you aren’t going to enjoy.

Like many others, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve ventured into new dining vicinities because their Instagram account is a vibe, but it’s time to admit that a savvy social media team can never replace a meal cooked with love, that perhaps hasn’t been styled or manicured to the max.

Here we are thinking that cool social media might save a business or take it to the next level, but maybe so much focus has been put onto these digital things that real-life things have been put on hold.

Instagram is the root of so much evil in the world, we don’t need it wreaking havoc on food, glorious food.

Shoutout to those restaurants who kill it at everything. And here’s to those restaurants that are plating up food that changes your life and heals your soul. Fuck Instagram.

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