We’re just straight up trying to have a good time with Sony’s Playstation 5 (PS5), but according to the latest reports, we’re going to have to practice a little more patience.

PS5s being in high demand is sure as hell an understatement and releasing in the midst of a global pandemic has seen Sony struggle to keep up with demand.

As reported by NME, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told Reuters via email, “We’ve built more PlayStations faster than we ever have before which makes me happy.”

He continued, “But on the other hand, we’re some time from being able to meet all the demand that’s out there, which makes me feel bad.”

As we all know, the chip shortage has really thrown a spanner in the works for Sony and now Ryan has confirmed that it’s a challenge that they’re still trying to figure out.

Ryan said, “Our partners are performing really well for us, but the chip shortage is definitely a challenge that we are all navigating,” Ryan said.

In the mean time, those looking to lock a PS5 in for themselves are advised to buy responsibly, particularly following the scam that surfaced last month, involving entertainment and gaming retailer, JB Hi-Fi.

An anonymous source stepped forward to reveal details of the alleged scam, which saw a JB Hi-Fi employee selling off and profiting on JB Hi-Fi’s PS5 inventory before it went to the shop floor.

The source told us, “I asked [the scalper] how they had so many PlayStations and at first they told me they just got a few as gifts.”

They continued, “However, when I continued to prod them they eventually admitted they had an ‘inside man’ at JB Hi-Fi who hooked them up.”

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