1.What Do You Look For In A Band?

Gemma Ameera: We’re a chamber rock duo from Sydney and we spend our time dreaming up the future and conjuring it into the present. We like to write and share stories about everything from society to mythical legend. We write with a message or the intention to move someone; sometimes both. We’ve been told our gigs are like watching a movie… We don’t know what that means, but we like it.

2.Keeping Busy

Jimi May: We recently kidnapped ourselves for a well-deserved secret hideout in the mountains. Turned off our phones, no laptop allowed. Brought a guitar, some paper and a pen and got back to ourselves. Sometimes the city does our head in; it’s always good to seek a fresh, genuine perspective for the year ahead. Other than that we’ve been writing and pre-producing our first album, Chapters, which will be released this year. A couple of months back we won at the Australian Independent Music Awards for Folk/World song – ‘The Fight’ – and we’re still pretty stoked! More recently we’ve been on the search for new members to join the live band/family.

3.Best Gig Ever

JM: The last time we played at Lizotte’s in Sydney was our personal favourite. The venue is intimate and allows us to connect with our audience as a duo. This particular night had a great vibe and beautiful crowd that really listened and moved with us. Lizotte’s has a real bohemian feel and we’re all about that, so it’s always a pleasure playing there. To top it all off, at the end of the show we had Johnathan Devoy join us for a cheeky cameo.

4.Current Playlist

GA: Guns N’ Roses, Florence and The Machine, Mumford & Sons, Civil Wars, Lana Del Rey, and we listen to organic psytrance around the house. In terms of playlists, my iPhone features: ‘vintage’, ‘nature’, ‘moody’, ‘doof’ and ‘rock’. Stick all that in your pipe and smoke it.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

JM: Usually we ask for a bottle of JD, some ice, and a 750ml bottle of Diet Coke. Perhaps a meditation with a guru and/or the odd Nerf gun… However, beings it’s my birthday at the Hard Rock Caf, and I’m turning 21 (again), I expect nothing less than a bottle of Grey Goose, Patron and Single Barrel on arrival (or held until after I play) along with nachos and chicken wings. Hint hint.

Check out Gypsys Gift at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday January 31.

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