1. What Do You Look For In A Band?

Hard-hitting beats, harsh bass (preferably distorted), droney swamp guitar and sensual organ licks. Respecting our blues forefathers and making our own sound from that – that’s us. I personally look for originality, especially in these times when every hipster and his dog are starting a twangy indie pop band.

2. Keeping Busy

We have been planning an east coast tour to promote our single ‘Won’t Cry Over You’, as well as promoting our album, The Depths, as much as we can. We have been rehearsing hard to make our live show dynamic and tight. Shane Hicks and I also have our solo projects – tentatively titled Phantom Wreck and Tesla Coils, respectively. We’ve started writing for the next BWF album. I’d like to start focusing on that more soon.

3. Best Gig Ever

Our best gig would have to be playing Byron Bay Bluesfest. It really comes together for us when we’re playing to a theatre or tent full of like-minded people. We played the same year as Bob Dylan, and I like to think I played the same backline organ as him! After that set I ended up having dinner with The Blind Boys of Alabama backstage, however I’m not sure if they knew I was at their table.

4. Current Playlist

Tame Impala put on a great show at the Convention Centre here in Brisbane the other month. Kudos to them for being so successful through their original music. Right now, I’ve been listening to a lot of Bauhaus. Their sinister riffs and grinding bass, accompanied by Peter Murphy’s drawling baritone, is right up my alley. Also, so much Nine Inch Nails. Hanging out for their return!

5. Your Ultimate Rider

Beers are always good. None of us are too finicky. It was nice one time to arrive at a festival with a whole bottle of Jack waiting for us backstage. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Some nice potato crisps. Personally, I’d like my own personal sushi train backstage…

Blackwater Fever play Specturm on Friday August 23 and Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle on Saturday August 24. The Depths out now.

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