1. What Do You Look For in a DJ/Producer?

Entertainment – whether it be their production or stage show or both. I like to be entertained, and I like music to have an impact on the way I feel. Like watching a good movie, I like to be able to escape reality and be totally immersed in the music or show. I don’t care what sound has been made or what sample pack has been used, to me it doesn’t matter, I just like being entertained.

2. Keeping Busy?

I’ve been busy making music, helping to find tunes for Hypnosis Recordings, and helping and encouraging young producers from Perth to find their feet in the Perth dance music scene.

3. Best Gig Ever?

It was probably my recent gig with J.Nitrous at Villa Nightclub, for Inhibit presents Culprate & Tantrum Desire. We were playing lead-up support for Culprate and the vibe was just amazing.

4. Current Playlist?

It’s always changing. Today I Listened to Dream Theatre’s Images and Words and Smashing Pumpkins’ Oceania. I’m also listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar at the moment. As for dance music: Mayhem & Antiserum; Bro Safari; SPL; Triage; The Bassist; Diplo; Xilent; J.Nitrous; Poseidon; F3tch; XKore; Getter; and Barron. I’m really feeling the latest EP on Firepower Recordings by Rise at Night. So much awesome on one EP, it’s amazing.

5. Your Ultimate Rider?

A plum floating in perfume served in a man’s hat, green tea, a hot tub, Wonka’s Fabulicious Sour Ropes, hot women of all shapes and sizes, topless waitresses, two bags of green, Grey Goose vodka and a carton of Bubble Berry Rockstar.

Killafoe plays Chinese Laundry on Friday August 2.

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