1. What Do You Look For In A Band?

I’ve played with a diverse mix of musos over the years and now I look for personality fit over anything else. I want to share the experience with people I like to hang out and have a laugh with. Also, they have to be a great player, be reliable and like my songs. I let each player bring their own style to the song as it gives each track a new life and the player feels more invested in the project.

2. Keeping Busy

I’ve been busy planning my EP launch, from fairy lights to choosing the venue to contacting press. I’m so pleased it’s all come together and I can tie some of the loose ends up in my head and celebrate. I’ve also been working on some collaborations with DJ/producers L D R U and Yahtzel and have another collaboration going that’s more an R&B/pop vibe. I’ll be touring interstate over summer, so I’m really looking forward to playing the EP to new audiences and making a music video for the next single.

3. Best Gig Ever

One of my sets at The Great Escape Festival in the UK was pretty magical. I played in an old church and the acoustics were beautiful, the room was silent and it was a great accomplishment for me career-wise. Worst gig has got to be when I was first starting out. Larissa & The Wild Grey played at the Cat and Fiddle in Balmain on Mother’s Day and my extended family came to watch, and up the front was a drunk yelling, “Where’s ya fuckin’ guitarist?!” Kinda funny now though.

4. Current Playlist

At the moment I’m really digging downtempo electronic stuff like Safia, Chrome Sparks, Purity Ring and London Grammar. I can’t go past City and Colour and John Mayer though, they’re my favourites. I saw Daughter play at Splendour this year and they were really captivating and gave me goosebumps.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

I just discovered COYO ice cream, so if we’re playing this game, definitely a tub of that, booze, a masseuse and an array of keyboards.

Larissa McKay – In The Clouds EP Launch at William Street Studios, Fairlights on Saturday November 16.