1.Your Profile

We’re from North Queensland but we are based in Melbourne these days because North Queensland is hot as hell and they don’t allow music there. We don’t really fit in too well in either place, but we get by. We play some sort of ungodly chimera of noise, country and soul music, I guess, but that’s only half the story and it’s constantly changing. Sometimes it’s really noisy and violent or dangerous, and sometimes it’s really quiet and tender or soulful, and that’s the way we like it. Everyone has a different way of describing us, though, so your best bet is having a good old-fashioned listen on your MiniDisc player and making up your own mind. We hate genre music as a rule, so we try not to tether ourselves sonically to anything that is going to sink and drown us anytime soon if we can help it. We are forever. Like MiniDisc players.

2.Keeping Busy

We just finished recording our second album at the start of the year. We started working on it way back in mid-2012 at our studio in Townsville, and then relocated the whole operation down to Melbourne in late 2012 to finish it off. Since then it’s been playing shows around Melbourne, mixing, mastering and waiting for the vinyl to come back from the pressing plant. The record is called Holy Coast and it’s out now – we couldn’t wait for all of our mums to hear it.

3.Best Gig Ever

Let’s not dwell on the past. The Holy Coast album launch on Saturday June 28 at FBi Social with Devotional and Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse is going to break the Guinness World Record for the Best Gig of All Time. We will have official judges from Guinness there with clipboards and Geiger counters and stopwatches and everything.

4.Current Playlist

Van Morrison’s Veedon Fleece pretty much lives on my turntable; I don’t even bother putting it back in its sleeve anymore. The War On Drugs’ new record has been getting a few spins lately. A bit of Funkadelic and Townes Van Zandt as well. Swans’ new record is pretty good too but I’m not allowed to play it because my girlfriend said no.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

Unfortunately we don’t get to file rider requests because none of us are Mariah Carey. However, if we did: Kyle and Nestor would want Nintendos, Cahill would want a banana, and Matt and I would want a couple of cold beers.

The Broken Needles will play at FBi Social with support from Devotional, Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse on Saturday June 28. Their LPHoly Coast is out now.

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