1. What Do You Look For in a Band?

We are The Fabergettes: Two good-looking ones, two average-looking ones, you do the maths. We play something between punk, doo-wop and garage with a healthy dose of summer vibes, so the ideal Fabergettes fan would probably sport a mohican and a prom dress while sipping a cocktail with a small umbrella in it.

2. Keeping Busy

We’ve just released our second 7” EP, Big Bruiser, on some gorgeous green/pink wax, so we’ve been playing a few shows in support of that. We launched it at FBi Radio’s Spring Prom which was a blast.

We recently supported Bloods on the NSW leg of their tour, which was radical and those guys are amazing and tons of fun. We’re headed to Perth for a show next month, and getting a clip together for ‘Big Bruiser’. Everyone in this band plays in other bands (The Knits, Palms, Catcall, Atom Bombs) so even when Fabergettes has a little downtime, everyone is flat out.

3. Best Gig Ever

Possibly strangest gig ever was an all-ages show at the Factory with DZ Deathrays and Bleeding Knees Club. Hundreds of teenragers doing their best to mosh and crowd-surf to our not-so-moshable pop tunes was funny to watch. Had a few kids onstage, a few kids jumping off. One young man offered me a swig on his white wine, which he had stolen from behind the bar!

4. Current Playlist

I’ve been spinning a lot of local bands of late – Unity Floors, Palms and Day Ravies to name a few. Also pretty keen on Toronto band Greys’ new EP. I think Brendan and Bec have been on a bit of a Hunx & His Punx and King Tuff trip, but they’re way more up on new music than me so they’ve probably got something new. Nat listens mostly to Katy Perry, John Mayer and Paramore, which I think you can really hear come through on our new EP…

5. Your Ultimate Rider

Contrary to popular belief you don’t actually get to specify what’s in your rider most of the time! However I did get a haircut at Sailor Jerry’s Hotel Street show a few weeks ago.

Given the choice, I’d be pretty keen for some Cruskits and Vegemite, and a range of Schweppes’ flavoured mineral waters. Brendan once took upwards of 15 minutes to choose a drink from a service station while we were on the road, so he wouldn’t be allowed to pick anything for the rider. I think we’d all agree on a 20 pack of McDonald’s chicken nuggies though.

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