1. What Do You Look For In A DJ/Producer?

I think we both value originality and artistic ambition most. Maybe it’s just me but even if it sucks or fails miserably, music is always more interesting if it seems like it’s yearning to be something bold and individual. Ironically this answer is amazingly bland and unoriginal. I’m really sorry I dropped the ball here, guys.

2. Keeping Busy

We’ve been in a strange holding pattern for about six months. Very little touring, but a lot of work on new material. We signed a number of tracks to Club Mod in February, and basically pulled down the blinds and stayed quiet while the release was being planned out.

In the meantime we did manage to start a semi-regular club night at Melbourne’s Mercat Basement called LUMA, where we get to play all night with our friends Two Bright Lakes DJs and Acolyte. It’s such a great venue, atmosphere and crowd. Hopefully we can bottle it and ship it all the way up to Goodgod.

3. Best Gig Ever

When we initially started discussing and making our audiovisual show, NGTV, we always used the fantasy of playing Meredith Music Festival or Golden Plains as the ultimate goal. Given that we’re such enormous fans of both festivals and their shared location, this obsession acted as a kind of aesthetic anchor for figuring out everything from content to the general mood and structure of the show. You can only imagine our excitement upon being invited to play in 2012 – somehow landing the job of following Nile Rodgers and Chic at 2am on the final night of Golden Plains. Though we’ve been unbelievably lucky and played many very, very special shows, this was like an out-of-body experience. I was stone cold sober and remember nothing about it. Pure, unbridled joy.

4. Current Playlist

I’ve been totally into this wave of progressive and kind of confronting new material from guys like Jon Hopkins, James Holden, John Roberts and Blondes. They’re not even close to all being in a single, definable genre but definitely appeal to me for the same reasons, I guess. It’s kind of easy to feel as though you’re being pulled apart by horses when trying to make music that reflects all of the disparate, disconnected sounds you want to vaguely emulate and build on, but guys like that make it look simple. Also, it’s also pretty cold right now so my monkey brain just wants to hear dark-sounding tunes.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

No matter where the gig is, I’d love to have a family-sized Mexican pizza delivered from our local pizza joint in Coburg. Even if it’s freeze-packed and shipped overseas, I’d still be well and truly into it. We’ve considered asking for ‘1x Very Cool Golden Labrador (sunglasses and stunt training optional)’, but were told it would be “a bit of a stretch”.

All That Good Work/Blueout Monday September 9 through Fatdrop. Naysayer & Gilsun play Goodgod on Saturday September 7 and FBi Turns 10 at Carriageworks on Sunday September 8.

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