1.Your Profile

We sound like Lee Hazlewood if he was born in Manchester in the mid-’70s and had a slightly higher voice. I like road trips, which is handy if you play in a travelling band in this country.

2.Keeping Busy

I’ve been working on a collaboration with Marcus Gordon (Spookyland) and Terry Serio (Terry Serio’s Ministry of Truth), which has been great. We hope to make an album soon with Tony Buchan, and I’m also really keen to make the next Tambourine Girls EP/album, whatever it ends up being. In May, Deep Sea Arcade will be supporting Temples, who we met in London last year and all fell in love with. Then I’m going on tour playing some solo sets supporting Dustin Tebbutt, which is going to be heaps of fun. Dustin’s a great guy, and I love his music. And his band…

3.Best Gig Ever

Selling out The Metro with Deep Sea was something we’ve all wanted to do since high school so that was pretty cool. I did a beautiful gig last weekend at Gallery Ecosse, which is a small art gallery in Exeter, and that was great because it was really intimate, and that’s a whole other thing. I’m really enjoying having to approach these new songs from a solo perspective because you find new things in them. You can bend them and move them in different directions each time you play them.

4.Current Playlist

I found Band On The Run in an antique store the other day and that’s been getting a few spins. I love the song ‘Let Me Roll It’. Apart from that, Crazy Horse, Lee Hazlewood, Tame Impala, and I realise I’ve been listening to lots of women lately. Especially Lykke Li, Bat For Lashes, Grimes and Joni Mitchell. Plus I’ve been loving a band from Melbourne called Redspencer.

5.Your Ultimate Rider

Just lots of really, really nice red wine, which I guess is kind of boring. Our usual rider is just whatever booze and food they’ll give us, though in Deep Sea Arcade, Carlos used to request a pitching wedge and some practice golf balls. I think he got it once too.

The Tambourine Girls will be supporting Dustin Tebbutt at the Newtown Social Club from Tuesday May 20 yntil Thursday May 22.

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