1. What Do You Look For In A DJ/Producer?

I want to hear something which was never been made before. It should be fresh, exciting and unique – like having a cold shower and then straight after having a bath in flower petals.

2. Keeping Busy

I moved with my studio into a bigger place and it looks like I built a little palace just for me. This kept me away from producing for about three months and I would have gone mad if I didn’t have the Teenage Engineering OP-1 on which I can make little sketches and musical notes during travelling.

3. Best Gig Ever

The best gigs are the ones where there is a connection between me and the crowd. Unfortunately I don’t know the formula of how to do this, but I know when it’s there – and the people do too, of course. So, one gig which always comes to mind was in Auckland, NZ last year. Suddenly people were going crazy, screaming on every move I made, giving me so much positive feedback – that’s the reason I’m doing this. I also had a very, very good one in Johannesburg, South Africa – I’m a little star down there…

4. Current Playlist

My favourite DJ is Dixon. I listened to a set of him in Miami earlier this year and you could really hear how much thought he puts into his sets. At home I love Spotify – I can listen to all the beautiful music that’s out there for ten bucks a month. This is bad for artists (including me – the percentage of what we get per play is ridiculously low) but good for the consumer (including me).

Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Playing the Piano album is very beautiful, but also on the edge of being cheesy without ever crossing it; DJ Krush has influenced me a lot; I love Amon Tobin, but I should also mention that I do like a lot of stuff on the label that he produces for, Ninja Tune. In general, mostly stuff from the UK has my attention.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

You want me to say: coke, bitches and whatever, right? Too bad, as I don’t drink, do drugs very rarely, and I have a girl who I love very much… So, my ultimate rider would consist of a huge sound system like in Room One in Fabric (London) with its vibrating floor. The sound has to be dry and loud without any additional distortion from the system itself – good for our ears and minds!

Stimming plays Garden Party at The Ivy with Hernan Cattaneo on Saturday September 21.

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