1. What Do You Look For In A Band?

Subsketch is a mask I’ve been wearing for the last ten years. The sound has evolved over time and I’m still no better at describing it, but the simple and truest answer is I make hip hop – if you disagree that says more about you than it does about me. In my downtime I like to write stories, train Muay Thai, read comic books, and listen to The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast.

2. Keeping Busy

In December I released my new mixtape The World’s Worst Rapper for free download on my Bandcamp. It came together easier than anything I’ve put out in the past. I got to collaborate with some of my favourite producers and MCs and so far nothing but good things has come of it. It’s also one of the only records I’ve made that I’m not completely embarrassed to share, so I guess that’s something.

In conjunction with the mixtape I dropped a film clip for ‘Where Are You Hiding?’, the track was produced by the legendary Simplex (who was one of my earliest mentors in this hip hop thing) and the video was made by Eightlimb Films, they are some stupidly talented dudes. Check it out on YouTube!

In February I signed to Adelaide label Nostalgia Entertainment. It’s run by some young, switched-on humans, and I feel pretty honoured to have been invited into their little hip hop family. Aside from all that I’ve been performing a bunch, working on an EP with my crew Gravity Champions and hanging to see this new Captain America picture.

3. Best Gig Ever

I don’t know if it’s the best, but it’s definitely the most recent. Last Friday I performed a show in Adelaide with the Nostalgia crew, there was a great turnout and mucho good times but I’d been suffering from a few days of insomnia. I’d only slept about one hour in two days, my mind was on fire. The whole thing feels like a dream – reality was mighty slippery by the time I stepped onstage – but from what I recall the night was a success. That is if remaining upright for the duration of a performance and ranting at the crowd to “BUY MY SHIT!” counts as success? I choose to believe it does.

4. Current Playlist

I have a hard time stepping out of my OCD comfort zone and checking out new music but the most current stuff I listen to includes that beast K21, Grifters Inc’s new EP is phenomenal, I think Allday writes great songs and his work ethic is pretty inspiring. King Rollo is a genius and the best rapper I know and he should probably just hurry up and finish his EP already.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

Rider? I don’t think I’ve ever been offered one but now that you mention it I’d like lots of water, some kind of nutritious shake, a chocolate nut sundae and a bottle of scotch for the after party. Oh, and a new pen that’s not too thick with a smooth action please. Blue.

Subsketch plays The Forresters alongside Beastside, Ben Iota and Maatzi (DJ set) on Thursday April 3.

Photo by Chris Frape

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