1. What Do You Look For In A Band?

I look for someone to share ideas with and to challenge me with composing. I like incorporating electronic sounds mixed with grimy beats but I also like to delve into a variety of styles and work with someone who has a different palette. I do love candlelight dinners, too.

2. Keeping Busy

I have so many projects I’m working on at the moment. I’m working on a couple of new house songs; a couple of drum and bass songs with Royalston; a couple of chorus songs for MCs. I’m also a big part of the new Def Wish Cast album and I’ve started working with DJ ASK on more solo music. I have a couple of new remixes completed for the For You Ears Only EP on vinyl, with upbeat mixes for DJs. It’s produced and remixed by DJ Katch and Sereck featuring Def Wish.

3. Best Gig Ever

My best gig ever was back in uni days when I played at Dizzy’s Jazz Club for my performance master class in Melbourne. I performed with a new band and it was very under-rehearsed but it couldn’t have been better. I think it was just the perfect ingredients of friendship, keenness and the enjoyment of playing new original material.

4. Current Playlist

I love ’90s R&B music like Groove Theory and Zhané as well as Massive Attack and The Cinematic Orchestra. Recently I have been listening to Little Dragon and Quadron. All these influences inspired my EP, For Your Ears Only. My taste in music is always changing as I continue to crave for something new and different which also helps me grow as a singer and songwriter.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

Lots of champagne, canapés and a barista at the back please!

For Your Ears Onlyout now through Hydrofunk Records/MGM

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