1. What Do You Look For In A Band?

We’ve never been very good at describing ourselves. Plenty of other people have given it a go. Apparently we’re some kind of punk, string, ramshackle, boot stompin’, drunk’n’disorderly, old-time-jangle-loving, op-shopping, hipster runoff, fuck knows what else type of band.

If you’d like to be a fan of ours (particularly an interstate fan) we would love for you to help us get on, give us a place to stay, hang out with us at our shows (and buy us beers). But anyone that enjoys music and likes to have a good time is welcome to drop us a line.

2. Keeping Busy

The last few months have been really fun – national tours with The Snowdroppers and The Beards; a showcase slot at Bigsound; demoing and pre-production for an album that will be out early next year. We’ve got a Sydney headline show in November and a cheeky trip to Victoria planned too.

We’ve also been added to the Falls Festival in Lorne for New Year’s, which will be a lot of fun too. Until Johnny makes us all sick by eating smoked oysters from a can in 35 degree heat. Sorry to whoever camps near us.

3. Best Gig Ever

I’ve got a lot of sick memories of the shitty house parties we played when we were first starting out. We’d usually end up with a seven-inch-long wizard stick of gaffer-taped-together VB cans being thrown in our face, while a joint was passed between us. They were always great. Peats Ridge last year was mad.

4. Current Playlist

When we’re travelling we usually have a pretty standard music rotation. Plenty of Creedence, Springsteen, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Old Crow, Trampled By Turtles… shit like that. If I could choose who I’d like to be watching right now it’d probably be Gay Paris, The Preatures, Papa Pilko and the Bin Rats, The Delta Riggs. Mostly local stuff. It’s the best stuff going round.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

We’ve spent a fair bit of time putting together the perfect rider. There are seven of us so most requests are seven in total, divisible by seven or can serve the needs of seven. 4x cases mixed brews; 7x dirt bikes; 7x grams of cocaine; 140 strips of prosciutto; 14x trained attack dogs; 4x dirty, dirty strippers; 1 ounce of weed (1/2 bush, 1/2 chronic); 1x butler monkey*; 1x water cooler; 1x pool table; 49 x condoms; 7x paintball guns; 1x nice big bong; 7x bottles of life juice; 10x sets of every instrument (breaking during shows); 7x horses for arrival; 7x bottle of single malt (25yo minimum); 1x eagle that sits in the room and chills and looks around. *Butler monkey must: roll joints, chop up, wingman, carry seven beers.

Our normal request is two cases of premium bottled beers. Never happens though. Although the boys at Frankie’s and Lefty’s hooked us right up. Shout out to you lads.

Little Bastard play Brighton Up Bar on Friday November 8.

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