1. Your Profile

Your mates Los Scallys have a sound that kinda fits into the garage/surf/punk rock style, and I guess the noises recorded in our songs are shaped off the way we live and experiences in our lives, whether it be drinking, being hungover, drugs, benders, people, normal everyday shit and good times. We lay it over with raw guitar, bass and drums which mould and stick it all together. The people that come to our shows can relate to the music. The shows we put on are a good excuse to get loose and wild. Just a bit of fun, ya know?

2. Keeping Busy

We have been taking it easy over the last couple of months gig-wise, but have been writing a heap of new material which is rad. But now we have a big string of shows this April/May along the east coast, which will be hell. We are in the early stages of recording our new album, which is set to be released the middle of this year, and we have a national tour pretty well booked in. So we will be jumping on the tour bus as soon as it goes out, which will see around 16 shows around Australia, which is bloody skitz as.

3. Best Gig Ever

At the start of the year we went on tour with our good buddies Skegss, and all the shows we played with those dudes were crazy fun. We can’t even pick which one was the best because they were all messed up in the best possible way. Also winning the triple j spot for opening FOTSUN on the main stage last year was a mental gig to play. It was that funny – all of our mates were crawling to the stage from their sleepless bender in the campsite to come watch. There was a huge bunch of new faces there to watch us too, which was epic!

4. Current Playlist

We’ve been thrashing Motörhead lately. It just gets you in full rock’n’roll mode and gets you so pumped to go break shit and drink beer. Also, we have been getting around The Meatbodies and Dead Ghosts from the USA – both of their sounds are definitely influencing us for the new album we are currently recording. Have a gander – you won’t be disappointed, ladies and gents.

5. Your Ultimate Rider

Ah, this would be a couple of bottles of mescal worm-induced tequila, lime and sodas, a live Mexican mariachi band to play background music to set the mood, a communal 50-gram tobacco pouch pre-rolled for the boys, cold beer and a couple of tally-wakkas to go! We just get beers, usually – those things will never let you down. ■

Playing with Crocodylus and Pist Idiots, Los Scallywaggs will be at the The Chippo Hotel, Saturday April 22.

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