Actor William Shatner, who famously portrayed Captain James Tiberius Kirk on Star Trekis set to go to space next month. At the grand ol’ age of 90.

As TMZ report, William Shatner will take to space aboard the Blue Origin capsule owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Blue Origin’s 11-minute sub-orbital flight takes passengers more than 62 miles above Earth, including three minutes in zero gravity. Shatner’s forthcoming adventure will reportedly be filmed for a documentary.

It’s a mission shrouded by mystery, neither Blue Origin nor William Shatner has commented on the scheduled spaceflight.

If the flight does take place, Shatner would become the oldest person to go into space. A record previously held by 82-year-old former test pilot Wally Funk, who joined Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, and some rich Dutch kid Oliver Daeman on the first Blue Origin mission back in July.

The troupe reached heights of 107 kilometres above Earth and spent about 10 minutes off the ground, three of those minutes were spent in zero gravity.

“I want to thank every Amazon employee, and every Amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this,” Bezos said at the time. Sinister.

“The atmosphere is so big. But when you get up above it, you see it’s this tiny little fragile thing.

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“That’s very profound. It’s one thing to recognise that intellectually. It’s another thing to actually see with your own eyes how fragile it really is, and that was amazing.”

Shatner’s team has reportedly been in talks about sending the actor for space for a while. The actor has outwardly expressed his desire for an intergalactic adventure. In May 2020, after Bezos competitor, Elon Musk’s SpaceX touched down on earth, Shatner tweeted a photo of himself in an astronaut’s helmet, writing: “BTW Nasa, just in case; the suit does fit!”