Is the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Wireless the only gaming keyboard you’ll ever need? We go hands-on with the unit to find out.

With the sheer number of gaming keyboards available on the market right now, it’s not uncommon to feel a bit like Goldilocks, searching for something that is just right. But fear not, tired gamers because that search may very well be over thanks to SteelSeries’ Apex Pro TKL wireless keyboard. It’s not just an early contender for the best keyboard of 2023, but one of the best units in recent memory.

From top to bottom the Apex Pro TKL is just a wonderfully considered product. It’s design for example, follows the clean, simple aesthetic of SteelSeries’ recent offerings like the Apex 9, while still providing plenty of style thanks to the flashy, customisable RGB lighting. Then there is the OLED smart display which will display your battery level and other notifications and an incredibly nifty magnetic wrist rest, that although being prone to catching a bit of grime, does well to boost the keyboard’s ergonomic appeal.

All-in-all the Apex Pro TKL is a feature-rich device amplified by its ability to provide options. 2-in-1 action keys, for example allowed me to tie multiple actions to one key – like toggling between walking and running in Apex Legends depending how far down I pushed my key. It might not sound like a big deal to more casual gamers, but by freeing up your hand not only are high-pressure competitive games kinder on the hands, it frees up valuable keyboard space for other critical bindings.

In an office environment meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to play around with the Apex Pro TKL’s adjustable actuation, which SteelSeries claims can range from 0.2mm to 3.8mm. While I prefer a lighter touch during typing, those after a bit more heft can achieve that as well. Just be prepared that no matter which option you choose, you should still expect a little bit of noise for bystanders as you clang away. We also noticed a bit of a hollow ringing now and then with some of the keys, but it was incredibly minor and shouldn’t detract from your day-to-day performance.

Instead, perhaps the biggest hurdle the Apex Pro TKL wireless faces is its price. At $589 it’s an expensive keyboard – for some perhaps ludicrously so. That said, if you do decide to put down the cash, know that it’s a great long-term investment and an all-rounder keyboard that is perfect for any gaming/work setup.

It’s sturdy, flashy and by adopting the TKL model, is just the right size for most situations. The abundance of customisation with connection methods, key actuation and RGB illumination via SteelSeries Engine helped make it my new default keyboard of choice, and it’ll take a mighty contender to put a stop to that.

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