Japan’s Super Nintendo World is on its way and we are more pumped than a pipe full of Goombas.

Super Nintendo World opens next spring in Universal Studios Japan. It’s not just a pipe dream guys, it’s actually coming. While most details of this highly anticipated theme park expansion have been kept heavily under wraps, Universal Parks & Resorts chairman and CEO Tom Williams has finally revealed more information about the park in an interview at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2019 Media, Communications, and Entertainment Conference in Los Angeles just this week.

At opening, Japan’s Super Nintendo World will have a Mario Kart ride and a Yoshi’s Adventure ride, Williams said. You read that right, actual Mario Kart rides. We wish there were more details, but that’s all we know about it so far. These two rides will be part of the “first phase” of the park, which means way more is on its way. The land will also be interactive, with a magnetic red wristband for patrons to wear that allows them to fully engage with all the “levels” of the park — and it “interfaces back” with game consoles, apparently.

So basically you’ll be racking up points like you’re in an actual video game. So stoked.

“You will be able to go up and keep score and play with the various games and that also translates to a score-keeping capability, if you choose to do so within the rides and it actually interfaces back with your game console,” explained Williams. He did not specify exactly which console the wristband will interface with or what exactly that even means.

He also confirmed that Bowser-themed area, as well as Princess Peach’s castle, will be included in the park. Williams promised that Super Nintendo World will come to other Universal Parks after Japan’s park opens, though he did not give a timeline.

“But we are bringing it,” he clarified. “You can count on it.”