The Supernatural fandom is having a meltdown over claims that actor Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester, is homophobic.

The rumours picked up traction after it was reported that Ackles “refused” to answer questions about his character’s long-running suggested romantic connection with male angel Castiel because he was “uncomfortable” with fan’s strong excitement about the pair’s relationship.

Ackles was allegedly asked by a fan; “I just wanted to say I love your character becoming more comfortable with himself this season, I’m bi sexual and I’ve noticed some possible subtext.”

The actor quickly shut down the question, “Don’t ruin it for everybody now,” he said.

“I do not mean it as disrespectful at all,” the fan responded.

“I still don’t know what the question was – I’m going to pretend like I don’t know what the question was. I’m going to take a cue and move on,” Ackles replied.

The Supernatural actor’s aburpt response has fans speculating that he is homophobic.

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“Someone needs to sit Jensen the fuck down and explain to him why this shit isn’t ok,” one fan wrote on Tumblr in response to the snub.

They continued, “That is isn’t ok to brush off any and all questions about LGBTQ+ representation as just crazy annoying fangirls. That it isn’t ok to ignore all the queer-baiting this show does and then get annoyed when LGBTQ+ fan who have an investment in potential representation ask about it.

“This shit is hostile and marginalizing to LGBTQ+ fans. ”

However, not all fans are convinced that Ackles is homophobic, and many have lashed out at social media users who are suggesting he is.

“Can’t believe there are still people, in the year 2022, who genuinely think jensen ackles is homophobic. how truly embarrassing for them. sorry about your bitterly miserable self loathing projection, kids. hope you eventually get some therapy,” one fan tweeted.

Other fans have pointed out that Ackles’ aunt is gay, and that she has previously spoken about his support of her sexuality.

“I’m Jensen’s gay aunt. He is the most loving nephew in the world !! Happy Pride !!” She tweeted along side rainbow emojis.

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