Hayley Leake has opened up about the “mistake” she made that she believes led to her elimination in last night’s episode of Survivor.

The Survivor: Brains vs Braun winner told 10Play that she thinks if she made the effort to stay awake and speak to Nina about gameplay, George could have been evicted instead of her.

In a recent episode, Hayley went against her alliance – which George was on – and switched her vote to Shaun, which means he went home instead of Simon. When George found out about the vote switch, he immediately blamed fellow player Nina, and Hayley agreed with him.

However, in last night’s episode, Liz won a reward that saw her, George, and Nina head to an overnight spa together, and Nina convinced George that it was Hayley who switched her vote.

Speaking of the revelation, Hayley said that she should have worked harder to keep Nina on side.

“My mistake was that my motivation wasn’t as high as last time,” she said. “You see George at night strolling the beach, not sleeping and I’m like honked out. I’m like… I’ve won this already!

She added: “By this point, I’m like 80-something total days playing this game, I go to bed, I don’t stay up and talk to Nina,” she continued. “I honestly think if I had stayed up, talked to Nina and said if you take the fall for the next day, I’ll find out what the split is and you, me and Simon can work together to take out George. I think she would have done it.

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“I needed to come to her and give her that plan that night, but I didn’t do it… that is the night my game crumbled. I didn’t have that conversation, and that’s all it takes in the game. One missed conversation.”

Hayley won the 2021 season of Survivor, titled Survivor: Brains vs Braun and is the first Australian winner to survive their first Tribal Council as a returnee.

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