This past Friday, Melbourne based art studio Cork & Canvas opened their new Sydney branch. This means that people in Sydney can now head along to their events with a bottle of wine and get creative.

Beginning over five years ago in Melbourne, Cork & Canvas is proudly branded as “Australia’s 1st paint and sip studio”, and offers a unique experience for everyone. Owner Melinda Janiszewski started the studio as a way for people to have a “stress free, creative night out.”

What does it involve?

Cork & Canvas is a place where you can bring along your wine or beers, and paint with a bunch of artists guiding you. You are given complete creative freedom, even though the professional in-house artists are there showing you how to create certain images.

Themes vary from natural images, landmarks, and even Picasso parties – where partygoers paint each other in the style of Picasso.

The studio offers private parties and events, as well as public sessions most nights. You can get involved for as little as $50, and there are discounts for groups of six or more. The sessions last between 2-3 hours and at the end of the night you can take your work home. You’ll be able to hang your artwork up and admire it with another glass of wine!

Each session at the studio has professional artists giving step by step guidance on how to create the themed image. It is strongly recommended that you add some of your own style with the help of some “liquid creativity”.

There’s no expectations on talent or ability. Cork & Canvas is about “fun art not fine art.”, meaning that literally anyone (over 18) can get involved.

They have sessions Tuesday to Saturday night at 7pm and an afternoon session every Sunday at 2pm. Prices vary depending on the days, but they frequently have sales and offer discounts.

So if you’re keen to pop a bottle and get painting, visit their site to book and find out more.

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