Get ready to finally get the fuck out of your house because the NSW Premier has stated that NSW residents won’t be waiting much longer for regional holidays to commence.

Man, isolation has been boring. There is only so many times we can binge watch Harry Potter, cry on the floor about how depressing everything is, and indulge in too many sweets. Luckily, us Sydney-siders won’t be waiting too long for a future holiday, as Premier Gladys Berejiklian has said that regional holidays are ‘imminent’.

According to Daily Mail, regional travel will soon be allowed, as Berejiklian stated that the government is “very close” to allowing residents to take a holiday. As not only coronavirus has caused a distinct lack of revenue to regional businesses, it’s important to remember that many of these places were also affected by the bush fire season, so travelling to these regional towns is very important.

“We’re very close to finalising our plans. I can confirm that NSW residents won’t have to wait too much longer before we can do that,” the Premier stated today.

So, when can we get our travel on? New South Wales will be allowing regional travel “imminently”, meaning very soon, with the plan to lift the ban on proper holiday spots, like Byron Bay, next.

Although Berejiklian did comment that some regional communities “are a bit more anxious than others about welcoming tourists into their towns,” due to the potential transferring COVID-19 from the cities, many are excited for tourism to rev up, as well as the increase of revenue.

“Some want it desperately because they appreciate the economic activity it will bring, others are a bit more anxious about what that means,” she stated.

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“Because we do have control of the spread at this time I think that’s given communities a degree of confidence and I feel like it will be imminent,” Berejiklian noted with the proof of continual decline.

News is to follow on the definite date of allowance for travel, but the sheer thought of being able to travel somewhere that’s not just to my refrigerator for an additional snack sounds blissful.