161 Norton Street, Leichhardt might just be an address to you at the moment, but it is soon to become the location on your new mecca, as The Peanut Butter Bar opened at that exact address last Thursday.

Leaning into the peanut butter equals protein, protein equals strength theme, the new dessert bar is decked out like an old inner-city boxing gym, with owner Christine Elbakht inspired by Rocky’s ragged Philadelphia training gym.

While many may see peanut butter as a naughty treat, the Peanut Butter Bar stress the health benefits, writing: “It’s only once commercial brands add nasties like vegetable oil and artificial sugars that peanut butter becomes not-so-good for you. However, you can rest assured that the peanut butter we use in our desserts are completely guilt-free.

“Our products are powered by Buff Bake, a unique range of high protein, low sugar peanut and nut butters. Not only do they harness the natural protein powers of peanut butter, they’re enriched with hormone-free whey protein — serving up 11 grams of protein per spoonful.”

The website features nutritional information, recipes, FAQs, opening times, and everything else you’d wanna know.