Sydney’s King’s Cross is certainly recovering from the host of changes that have come in recent years, and new businesses are flocking back to the area, including the classic haunt of Hugo’s Lounge, which is set to reopen later this year.

According to the new owners, however, it’ll be a much different place to head out of an evening than when it closed, with the venue now being pitched as an “upper class late night venue” for Sydney’s “elites”, inthemix reports.

If the owners are to be believed though, rather than just an excuse to charge twice as much for drinks, the refreshed venue is actually a call-back to the sort of “elegance” it was known for back when it first opened.

“The project will pay homage to the historic space formerly known as Hugo’s Lounge,” the with a return to the simplicity and elegance the era was known for during its 90s debut,” business development manager Sidney Pierucci told inthemix. “Our promise stands on impeccable hospitality in a fanciful atmosphere exuding boho luxe — an all encompassing offering for Sydney’s after dark elites.”

“The venue will be distinctly divided into two spaces: The Terrace and The Discotheque, all under the Flamingo Lounge name,” managing partner Poata Okeroa added, so while the venue will be reopening, it won’t be keeping its former name.

“We definitely hope to be the pioneers of a new era for Sydney’s nightlife,” Pierucci adds, explaining that they’ll be working very closely with police in an effort to curb any violent behaviour from its elite patronage

“Since Feb 2014 the location’s overall demographic has significantly altered the character of the area,” Pierucci added, “which is now needy of an upper class late night venue. This is where we step in.”

While I’m all for a bit of “boho luxe” on a Friday night, I get the feeling I’ll be blowing a week’s pay for the privilege, and might just have to stick to the newly-relaunched Lansdowne when it reopens on June 23.

This article was originally published on Tone Deaf

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