Get ready to scoff down as many tacos as you can get your hands on because Taco Bell is now delivering their fiery goodness straight to your door for free.

That’s right – you can now order a multitude of crunchy, meaty tacos (with all the proper toppings, of course), as well as their nachos, quesadillas, and even their Crunchwrap Supreme’s all without leaving the cozy comfort of your sofa.

Teamed up with Menulog, taco fans will be able to order from all of Taco Bell’s franchises, and have their order brought to them for exactly zero dollars. Well, you’ve got to pay for the food itself, but that’s fine as long as delivery isn’t my shout.

The catch? Obviously besides living near one of the Tex-Mex chain outlets is part of the deal, but hear me out: you don’t even have to spend a minimum amount to qualify for free delivery.

Say what? I can just order a measly taco and be good to go? I’m so down, for real.

So, whatever dish you fancy, whether it’s a sour cream filled and grilled burrito, a heap of fiery sauce on top of your already chock-full-of-guac nachos, or even a sweet treat – did someone say churros? – you can get it all via Menulog with free delivery to boot.

Grab a friend and get to ordering, or just stock up on the delicious Mexican-y goodness on your own, because whatever you order, no matter small or large, you’ll be getting it delivered right to your door step for absolutely nothing.

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Of course, this offer is likely limited, so you might want to hop to. You can order Taco Bell for free delivery via Menulog, and might I recommend grabbing yourself an order of the Cinnamon Twists while you’re at it? They’re divine.

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