Today in unexpected celebrity news, Aussie actor Tammin Sursok has revealed she was once held at gunpoint by Tiger King star Joe Exotic. 

Speaking on HIT FM’s Breakfast with Stav, Abby and Matt, Tammin Sursok recalled encountering Joe Exotic while she was filming 2019’s Braking for Whales with her filmmaker husband Sean McEwen.

“So we were in one of his bars and he pulled a gun on us … the actual Joe Exotic pulled a gun on us and [he] was like, ‘Get out of our bar,'” Surok recounted.

“And then the producer came in and said, ‘No, no, they are allowed to shoot here,’ and he was like, ‘OK’, and put his gun away,” she said.

When asked if she feared for her life at that moment, Sursok explained that she had learnt to live with guns in the US.

“Listen, in America you always think they’re going to shoot and there’s so many … we heard gunshots the day we left,” she said.

“You can’t ever think that they’re not, so you’re always on the defence.”

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“I mean, he pulled a gun on us and if we had fought him, he would’ve shot us in the arm. I’m sure if we kerfuffled, I don’t know, I wouldn’t put it past him. You don’t know what people are like when they’re protecting something that they value.”

Sursok lived in LA for 15 years, starring on TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Young and the Restless, before returning to Australia earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence in Texas for the attempted murder-for-hire of Carole Baskin and several animal abuse counts.

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