There’s no denying that Tanya Hennessy is one of the most personable, hilarious voices in Australian media. Over the course of her career, Hennessy has cut her teeth as an author, columnist, national broadcaster and TV presenter. Now, she’s hitting the road with fellow comedian Christian Hull for the ‘Low Expectations Tour’.

To celebrate, we racked Tanya’s brain with five quick questions, check out what she had to say below.

We’ve seen you all over channel 10 recently, what it’s like working on traditional media VS what you do online for your fans? 

I love both traditional and social. I started as a radio announcer so I have always done both simultaneously. I love socials cause you make it and you own it, but I like traditional media cause I love working in a team and working toward a bigger goal than my own vision.

You’re currently on tour with Christian Hull, how have are you finding the tour? 

I love creating content and giving it to an audience, I love Christian and dicking around with him! I have done many live tours, but in theatre as an actor, so first stand up – and it is full-on. I love meeting everyone after the shows, its an honour so many people come and leave the house for us.

What do you value more; views, comments or likes? 

Content. what I’m creating.

Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to put yourself out there every week to millions of people? 

I can’t not. I have to be creative and make stuff it makes me feel human.