The Bachelors star Krystal has weighed in on speculation that two of this year’s contestants Jess Navin and Tash Candyce are paid actors.

The rumour gained traction when former The Bachelor star Laura O’Loughlin who competed on Jimmy Nicholson’s season said that she’s confident the two women were plants.

“I’m very confident that Jessica Navin and Tash Candyce are paid actors, plants, whatever you want to call them,” she said on her Instagram Story.

She added, “It’s just, there are no other alternatives to me for why their full names are being used when referring to them. Like, when the girls and the guys refer to them, they say their full names. There’s no other Jess and Tash.

“And both their storylines are so chaotic, so it’s just interesting. It feels like their full name being used was part of their ‘actor contract’ to gain notoriety or whatever. Same as Damien John Kelly, who is Jessica’s ‘fake prop boyfriend’ or whatever.

“It just feels like this is all staged for drama because their show is so boring otherwise.”

Yahoo Lifestyle asked recent evictee Krystal about her thoughts on the matter, and she responded by saying she thinks Jess and Tash use their full names because they are after clout.

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“This [theory] is actually really interesting,” she said. “So, within the first week of filming, we were saying their normal names like Jessica and Tash, but then I think Jessica just one day said, ‘Oh you guys should start calling me Jessica Navin’.

“And then upon reflection, we realised that she’s just plugging her name so she can get publicity! It’s a publicity stunt from both of them! Also, you say their names and Jessica Navin just rolls off the tongue, and Tash Candyce rolls off the tongue.

She continued: “They’re both not my favourite people if I’m completely honest, but I think it’s purely to get people to know their names. Which is fine, go for it girls! It’s a brand!”

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