The Bachelors evictee Krystal has admitted that she thinks her co-star Jess is a “fraud” and said she “lied her way to get to the finale.”

Krystal was one of Felix’s three finalists on the popular reality show, however, she failed to receive a rose last night. Instead, cat lover Abigail and Jess – who’s caused a stir on the show for being polyamorous and having a boyfriend outside of the show – were sent through to the finale.

In last night’s ep, Jess flipped back and forth about whether she’d want to keep up a physical relationship with her boyfriend on the outside, Damien, if Felix picked her as his final choice. While Jess told Felix she would be committed exclusively to him, she told her co-star, Abigail, that she’d like to keep being physical with both men after the show.

“She kind of lied her way to get to the finale,” Krystal told Yahoo Lifestyle of Jess’s ambivalence. “Felix still doesn’t know what Jessica wants, and the reason for that is because Jessica doesn’t know what she wants. She wants to have her cake, she wants to eat it, she wants to eat the crumbs, she wants all of it and more. So she’s quite selfish in that sense.

She added, “and I respect the fact that she wants to explore her sexuality, that’s completely fine and I’m in full support of that, but when it’s at the detriment of another person and their feelings I just think that’s not really fair.

“She’s taking Damien for a ride, she’s taking Felix for a ride, and the best thing for Jessica to do is just to be single.”

Krystal told the publication that she wouldn’t be barracking for Jess to win, and would instead be putting her support behind Abigail for Felix’s final rose.

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“Abigail is a little dark horse coming through, I love Abigail,” she says. “I do think watching it that she and Felix do have a really strong connection.

“Whereas Jessica, I kind of feel like she was a fraud. You should not have gotten to where you are today! But Felix at the same time does feel really into her, so I can’t fight against that.”

Krystal stated that she “absolutely” didn’t want to make it to the final because she’d noticed so many red flags from him during the The Bachelors process.

“I definitely feel like it was my time to go,” she continues. “I felt like Felix and I had reached a point where, because he was so wrapped up in Jessica’s story, he wasn’t opening up and he wasn’t able to get to know me on a deeper level. Which was a shame because I’ve got so much to give.

“But I’m not gonna force someone. I’m kind of glad because he’s got so many red flags. It was just never gonna work out.”

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