Tash Candyce is undoubtedly the biggest villain to come out of this year’s season of The Bachelors. After all, she not only outed Jess as polyamorous but she also revealed that Jasmine had an OnlyFans account before she had a chance to do so herself.

Regardless, the 31-year-old told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that she doesn’t understand why she’s been labeled as a villain.

“Everyone says that I’m the villain, but let’s be honest, what have I done?” she said.

The reality star added, “I told Jed, who I’d been seeing, and his best mate Felix that the girl he likes is seeing someone else. She had ample opportunities to voice that to him, and I just think you need to say that from the start… But obviously, she wanted him to probably have some feelings for her so she’d get a rose and that’s what’s happened.

“And then the Jasmine thing,” she continued. “You can see that all the girls there knew about it as well. And I was like, she’s pissed off because she thought that I revealed to Jed on our one-on-one date that she had an OnlyFans account, and I didn’t.”

In episode three of The Bachelors, which aired last week, Tash outed fellow contestant Jessica as polyamorous, before she had the chance to tell Felix. When her co-star Jasmine stood up for Jessica, Tash told the women that Jasmine had OnlyFans. In the scenes following Jasmine’s breach of privacy, Jed didn’t provide her with the emotional support she needed so she switched partners to pursue Thomas.

Tash said after Jasmine and Jess were outed by her, many of the other women turned against her in the house.

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“I’ve been told to go drown, I’m the spawn of Satan, I’m a b**ch. And I’m like, what have I really done?” she said. “I’ve just stuck to my morals and values.

“That was triggering because all the girls were attacking me and it felt like high school and that’s why I wanted to leave because I was like, at what point do you say enough is enough?”

She told the publication that the “hate” she’s received from the other women has only helped to boost her profile.

“I don’t owe these girls any loyalty,” she said. “I’ve just been me and haters are gonna hate. And you know what? It’s all the hate that gets people talking about me, so thank you to my haters out there. Love you!”

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